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Chief Concrete, Inc. has specialized in the restoration, demolition, and beautification of concrete and concrete coated surfaces in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1979.
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“Architectural Concrete Specialists Since 1979”

Chief Concrete, Inc. has been an industry leader in architectural concrete, coatings and toppings since 1979.  Since the early years of the company’s incorporation, we have expanded into many services especially dedicated to decorative surfaces, restoration, demolition, and beautification of concrete and concrete coated surfaces.  Our team is comprised of some of the most experienced concrete contractors and respected leaders in our industry. Our professionalism and craftsmanship have continued to grow our client list over the past three and a half decades.

Concrete Stairs


Stamped Concrete

Chief Concrete, Inc. has been one of the original stamp concrete contractors in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our widespread inventory of stamp patterns can duplicate natural stone, tile, with popular patterns, colors and finishes.

Aggregate Finish

Chief Concrete, Inc. can provide a timeless surface of exposed aggregate concrete that provides a unique, classy, durable and an anti-slip surface for a variety of applications. Integral colors, topical staining, architectural saw cuts and a variety of other features can greatly enhance your concrete’s appearance.


Traditional placement of concrete is just as important and detail orientated as advanced architectural concrete. Chief Concrete, Inc. is qualified in an extensive of scopes of work from removal and replacement, complicated ADA requirements or compliances to production of natural gray or colored flatwork placement, forming and pouring walls.


Lithocrete is a patented process of architectural paving in which colored concrete, decorative aggregates, glass, and Lithomosaics are incorporated in an extremely durable and attractive concrete surface. Lithocrete is also environmentally friendly utilizing recycled materials and in many installations it can earn up to eight LEED points. Chief Concrete, Inc. is Las Vegas’ premier Lithocrete licensed local installer.

Polished Concrete

Polishing concrete is an intricate process specific to each concrete surface. A craftsman starts out with an initial rougher grit diamond abrasive and progressively uses finer and finer abrasives with the help of powerful grinding machines to achieve a desired honing and polishing of a concrete surface. With the incorporation of technologically designed chemicals, machines, and tooling, Chief Concrete, Inc. provides some of the most durable, economical, and long term types of flooring for retail, commercial, industrial, and automotive types of environments. Chief Concrete is also a CPAA Craftsman Contractor, along with being a certified installer by multiple manufacturers.

Surface Evaluation & Preparation

The first step in a successful flooring or concrete topping finish begins with educated testing and preparation. Chief Concrete employs ICIR certified testing technicians and are qualified to professionally test concrete for moisture levels, recommend and perform proper surface preparation principals and standards. After an initial evaluation or requested procedure we can effectively provide the following:

  • Grinding
  • Shot blasting
  • Coatings, glue, tile, carpet, mortar, and floor covering removal
  • Moisture testing & remediation
  • Unique troublesome removal and procedures
  • Trip hazard eliminations due to lifted or elevated concrete surfaces
Industrial Flooring

Concrete cracking is not only unsightly but also damaging if left untreated. Cracking in concrete is inherent; however, if severe enough it can continually deteriorate the concrete substrate. Chief Concrete, Inc. is certified in proper preparation and repairs of cracks in concrete for both exposed and covered surfaces.   After years or after initial installation of a concrete substrate the surface can become spalled, deteriorated, eroded, unsanitary and unsightly. After a thorough surface evaluation and preparation Chief Concrete, Inc. offers an extensive line of restoration products and procedures.


Over $1 billion dollars per year are due to moisture related floor failures. With proper surface evaluation, preparation and installation of a moisture control system, Chief Concrete, Inc. can prevent such failures from occurring or correct moisture related problems after they have surfaced. Our installations are not only warranted by our company but also insured and warranted by Ardex, the manufacture of the products we use.


Warranty Information
Floor Leveling

Unlevel or eroded floors can be extremely troublesome and costly. Chief Concrete, Inc. offers floor leveling that can be done in sometime hours versus days or weeks by traditional means of grinding and floating to fix a problematic floor at a fraction of the cost of removal and replacement. Floor leveling can be utilized on both interior and exterior surfaces. Chief Concrete, Inc. is also an Ardex LevelMaser Elite Installer backed by and extended warranty provided by Ardex on all of our installations in addition to what we offer.

Decorative Flooring

Chief Concrete, Inc. has earned a reputation of being one of the industry’s best in architectural concrete flooring, toppings, and coatings. We offer a variety of decorative concrete surfaces that include but are not limited to:

  • Architectural Toppings
  • Polished Concrete
  • Stained Concrete
  • Sealed Concrete
  • Epoxy, MMA & Urethane Coatings
  • Ardex PanDomo
Industrial Flooring

Industrial flooring is essential in a variety of environments to ensure that facilities have a safe, economical, and long lasting flooring system. Downtimes in manufacturing, food processing, and other related around the clock operations cannot afford anything but minimal downtime. Chief Concrete, Inc. installs and maintains a variety of industrial facilities that utilize but are not limited to the following:

  • USDA Approved 100% Solids Seamless Flooring
  • Urethane Cement
  • Epoxy Coatings
  • Urethane Coatings
  • MMA Coatings
  • Floor Sealing & Densifiers
  • Polyurea and Epoxy Joint Filling and Repairs
Specialty Flooring

Highly sensitive computers, electronic equipment and manufacturing facilities require strict electronic dissipative flooring to protect their costly machines, manufacturing, or data storage facilities. Chief Concrete, Inc. installs and is certified in such highly sensitive flooring systems.


Most all architectural concrete, flooring, and coatings have some type of sealer or surface protecting product applied, includeing industrial, commercial, and residential natural gray concrete surfaces. The initial application of sealers can last from just a few months to over decade depending on the product. Eventually, they need to be cleaned, and or stripped and reapplied.   Chief Concrete, Inc. provides the following services and more related to sealed concrete:

  • Clean and seal and or apply densifier and hardener to new and existing concrete
  • Reseal previously sealed surfaces
  • Restore and recolor old and or deteriorated surfaces
  • Strip and reseal surfaces
  • Clean, polish and or high speed diamond burnish polished concrete to restore floors to a like new finish and gloss level with an application of a stain guard if requested





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